Is Dylan Llewellyn Related To Robert Llewellyn

Dylan Llewellyn And Robert Llewellyn Aren’t Related Despite Having Same Surname

Relationship speculation arises between Dylan Llewellyn and Robert Llewellyn, as both English actors share the same surname. However, they aren’t blood-related.

Their connection lies in the entertainment industry rather than being direct relatives. Let’s explore more about them.


  • Despite having a similar surname, Dylan Llewellyn and Robert Llewellyn have no familial relationship.
  • They have an age gap of 37 years and share a similar passion for the entertainment industry.
  • Robert married Judy Pascoe, and they have two children, while Dylan is possibly single.

Dylan Llewellyn started acting with the short film Travel Bag in 2009. He starred as Martin “Jono” Johnson in the 2011 soap opera Hollyoaks and the spin-off Hollyoaks Later.

However, he struggled with acting jobs initially and worked part-time in a deli.

Dylan rose to stardom after portraying the leading role of James Maguire in the Channel 4 sitcom Derry Girls.

On the other hand, Robert Llewellyn is not only an actor but also a comedian, writer, and presenter.

He was a shoemaker who started his journey in the entertainment industry as a hobby.

Later, he started performing with Nigel Ordish, Bernie Evans, and Graham Allum, and they toured France and Britain in the early 1980s.

Dylan Llewellyn And Robert Llewellyn Have Separate Family Background

Dylan Llewellyn’s family origins are separate from Robert Llewellyn’s background. Thus, despite having a similar surname, they have no familial relationship.

They only share their passion for the entertainment industry and have an age gap of 37 years.

31 years old Dylan Llewellyn was born in Reigate, Surrey, England, on September 10, 1992.

He is the youngest of three children and suffers from dyslexia. Thus, he attended More House School, a specialist school for kids with autism, developmental disorders, and dyslexia.

Later, he joined RADA and gained a foundation in acting. He dropped out of college, and his parents suggested he try acting.

Despite learning challenges, Dylan has overcome them to pursue his acting career.

His brother, Cameron Llewellyn, is an airline consultant and tennis enthusiast.

On the other hand, 68 years old Robert Llewellyn was born in Northampton, England, on March 10, 1956.

He is of Welsh ancestry and grew up with his brother, who taught him to drive at 11.

Robert resides in Temple Guiting, Gloucestershire, with his Australian author wife, Judy Pascoe, and two children.

His wife spent several years touring with Circus Oz as an acrobat before turning to writing and stand-up comedy.

Both English actors have not talked much about their family background, leading to speculation concerning their relationship.

Additional Information

  • Dylan Llewellyn’s Instagram suggests he is popular among the ladies, but his current relationship status remains undisclosed.
  • Robert Llewellyn became a professional shoemaker at James Taylor & Son and John Lobb Bootmaker in London.
  • Robert has published fourteen books, which include Brother Nature, Sudden Wealth, Punchbag, The Man on Platform 5, the News From trilogy, and The Man in the Rubber Mask.

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