Is Asher Leaving All American

All American’s Asher Adams Reflects Potential Upgrade In The Upcoming Season

All American’s season 6 showed a timelapse where Asher was seen as the young father of baby A.J. with his girlfriend, Jaymee.

The series All American has had a celebratory renewal for season 7, but the question is, will Cody Christian renew, too? Or is he planning to depart from the show this upcoming season?


  • Season 6 of All American showcases significant character growth for Asher as he bids farewell to Coach Montes, marking a pivotal moment in his journey.
  • Asher’s transition into parenthood adds a layer of complexity to his character arc, hinting at potential developments in the upcoming season.
  • Due to the lack of credible information and the story’s progression, Cody Christian’s departure from the show is highly unlikely, contrasting the speculations.

Cody Christian plays the recurring role of Asher in the football drama, where he is portrayed as an ambitious player with big dreams to follow.

Unfortunately, he suffers from a heart condition and can no longer play in Tournaments. Thus, he stays close to his passion by serving as a Student coach at Coastal California.

Have a glimpse of the season 6 here,

Asher Bids Farewell To Coach Montes In Season 6 Of All-American

Asher demonstrated significant maturity and growth in season 6.

Asher said his final goodbye to Coach Montes in the series, permanently bidding farewell to the character from the show.

The departure of a significant character might have ignited the rumors about Cody Christian leaving the show.

However, Montes hasn’t appeared in the series since the last episode of season 4, raising speculations about his departure.

The real reason behind Montes’s departure was revealed during a phone call between Asher and Montes in season 6. Montes was offered a job in the NFL and finally decided to accept it.

By contrast, the real reason for Montes’ exit from the show was that the actor Kamar De Los Reyes, who played Coach Montes, died in December after fighting a brief battle with cancer.

Asher, who didn’t get the chance to say goodbye to Billy, was privileged to have that opportunity in Montes’s case.

However, there aren’t any reports about Asher leaving the show, and the show’s ending hints at a potential progression in his character as he adjusts to the responsibility of being a new parent.

Thus, due to a lack of concrete evidence and the story’s direction, Cody Christian will renew as Asher for the upcoming season of the All-American series.

So, how about bracing ourselves to admire his charm for yet another season, this time as a charismatic father struggling to raise his child?

Additional Information

  • All American is the show based on the real-life experiences of ex-NFL player Spencer Paysiger, who transfers to Beverly Hills High School from South Central Los Angeles.
  • Cody Christian’s first movie was a short film entitled The Profound Mysteries of Tommy Kuglar.
  • Cody started acting in a TV series in 2010, playing Mike Montgomery in the popular teenage show Pretty Little Liars.

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