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Fantasmas’ Julio Torres Builds A Crossable Bridge Between Reality And Fantasy

Julio Torres, the multifaceted visionary, is back with his comedy pack miniseries Fantasmas. He plays the lead role and demonstrates his exceptional directing and writing skills.

Julio Torres plays a fictionalized version of himself in the series, where he embarks on a journey to find a lost oyster earring in New York City.


  • Torres shines as the lead actor, director, and writer, showcasing his exceptional talents and the ability to link his different projects in his miniseries “Fantasmas.”
  • Set in a dream-like version of New York City, the show blends reality with fantasy, offering a unique, queer, and humorous perspective that sets new standards for comedy.
  • Torres’s character embarks on a quest to find a lost oyster earring, diving into themes of identity, obsession, and the surreal while navigating the complexities of his mind and life’s deeper meanings.

HBO Max’s miniseries Fantasmas will premiere on June 7, 2024, and set new standards for comedy and uniqueness.

The entire quest takes place in the dream-like version of New York City, the perfect example of the unique, queer, and humorous world.

The story begins with Julio having to prove his identity by making a Government ID and incorporating surreal and bizarre sequences, often considered an absurdist victory.

The show is praised for its potential to blend the real and imaginary elements and Torres’ comedic sensibilities, where the fantastical components guide the narrative.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers!

Julio Torres Plays A Witty Wanderer, Wandering To Find The Meaning Of Life

Julio Torres, best known for his masterminding skills in creating one of the most incredible arts from random and unbelievable concepts, has again dived into a fictional world that is shocking yet irresistible.

In “Fantasmas,” Julio Torres is a complex character with a mysterious aura who brings a gay perspective to the episodes.

He is the character struck by lightning so that he can comprehend the inner life of shapes, numbers, letters, and colors.

The fact that he is on a quest to find the oyster-shaped earring after losing it in a nightclub represents his obsession with the particular shape of that object, which makes him alter his priorities.

This is because he is ready to cross all odds to compare the earring size with the size of the similar-shaped mole in the back of his ear.

Julio has the habit of going to himself, away from his daily life, into a mind space where he can feel himself as much as he wants, into his planned reality.

The series portrays the turbulences inside Julio’s head, making it rich with engaging and entertaining factors.

Writing the story and giving the characters life through his own portrayal is something that only artists like Julio Torres can kick off.

In addition, Julio has had the upper hand as the writer because he created connections between his different projects, making the segments even more lively.

As soon as the story starts, he finds himself surrounded by troubles all around him.

Considering his detest for government protocols, he is drenched in agony over being unable to chase his dreams, falling numb to the limitations.

In the first half, his character is difficult to understand, as he conceals himself with a mask of humor and silliness.

However, as the story unfolds, his hidden attributes are slowly unleashed, imparting direction to his character with the plot’s alignment.

He presents a deep level of understanding about the supernatural elements, which is quite different from the characters that were portrayed in similar genres in the past, making the character extra-ordinary.

At first glance, his role appears doubtful, leaving readers questioning his true intentions, but his presence signifies a deeper meaning in life’s context until the last episode.

Additional Information

  • Julio Torres meets one of the whimsical recurring characters, Chester, a rideshare driver, and then the series jumps to the consistent playing of Melf’s adventurous world.
  • Julio’s soft-spoken girl agent is played by a performance actress who blindly dives into the story’s plot, ultimately forgetting that she has a script to follow.
  • Torres demonstrates an honest representation of the queer community in the series, although he finds advocacy quite challenging.

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