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Bridgerton Charithra Chandran’s Parents Relocated To England From India

If you are a fan of Bridgerton, then Edwina Sharma isn’t a new name. Charithra Chandran portrayed her remarkable acting skills as Edwina in the second season of Bridgerton.

Edwina Sharma is the daughter of Mary Sharma and Kate Bridgerton’s younger half-sister. Let’s explore her parents.


  • Charithra Chandran starred as Edwina Sharma in Bridgerton, who lives with her single mother, Mary Sharma, and half-sister, Kate Sharma.
  • Mary went against her family’s wishes to marry a working-class tradesman and a single father.
  • Lady Mary and Kate raised Edwina to become an exquisite lady so she could marry a good husband who would care for her.

Edwina Sharma is sweet and lovely. Although she may be young, she knows what she wants: a true love match.

The Sharmas became Lady Danbury’s special guests, and Edwina was named the season’s diamond at the queen’s ball.

She attracted lots of attention but danced with Anthony. Kate warned her not to go near him and compiled a list of suitable matches.

However, Edwina finds Anthony honest and develops feelings for him. When Anthony proposes to Edwina for marriage, she happily accepts and plans their wedding.

Later, she discovered that Kate was attracted to Anthony and called off her wedding.



The eight close-knit siblings of the Bridgerton family look for love and happiness in London high society.


Drama Romance

Edwina Sharma Grew Up With Her Single Mother And Half-Sister

Edwina Sharma was born in Bombay, India. She is the daughter of a working-class tradesman who fell in love with Mary Sheffield, a debutante and Earl’s daughter.

Her mother went against her family’s wishes, fleeing London to Bombay to marry a single father.

After marriage, Mary adopted his daughter, Kate. Later, they had their daughter, Edwina Sharma.

Mary treated both daughters equally. Kate calls Edwina “Bon,” which means little sister in Bengali.

Sadly, the only man in the Sharma small family lost his life, and Mary and Kate did their best to provide for Edwina.

They tutored her to become a fine young lady so that she could marry a good husband who would take care of her.

Later, Kate seeks Edwina’s grandparents, and they agree to help them if Edwina marries a suitable Lord.

Kate had lived her whole life in India but moved to England to marry off her sister.

Unlike in Bridgerton, Charithra is the daughter of an Indian Tamil medical professional. Sadly, her parents separated when she was only two.

She moved to India with her father and lived with her grandparents in Tamil Nadu. However, she returned to England at four and attended Liverpool.

Charithra settled down with her mother in Oxford during her teenage years while her father lived in Wales.

Additional Information

  • Chris Van Dusen created Bridgerton for Netflix using Julia Quinn’s book series. It is Shondaland’s first scripted show for Netflix.
  • The first season of Bridgerton was released on December 25, 2020, the second season on March 25, 2022, and the third season on May 16, 2024.
  • Kris Bowers’s music in Bridgerton earned a Grammy Award nomination for Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media.

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