Is Merrick Garland Related To Judy Garland

Merrick Garland And Judy Garland Share No Family Connection

Hollywood’s gossip wheel has yet again spun, and two of the infamous celebrities are rumored to be related solely by their same last names.

However, Merrick Garland and Judy Garland are unrelated despite of sharing the same last name.


  • The attorney Merrick family is rooted in advertising, while actress Judy’s parents have a theatrical background.
  • Merrick Garland is a prominent legal figure, while Judy Garland is a famous actress and singer.
  • Details about Merrick and Judy Garland’s upbringing, families, and marriages confirm their lack of familial connection.

Getting straight to the point, celebrities having the same last names is not a big issue in the entertainment industry, as you will find many of them, and seeking relatedness in each one of them is nothing but a waste of time.

Merrick Garland, aka The Attorney Journal, has appeared as his authentic self in multiple TV series like 60 Minutes, House Judiciary GOP, and PBS News Hour.

Garland is a prominent figure in the legal field, currently serving as the U.S. Attorney General under President Joe Biden.

He has also served as the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit.

On the other hand, Judy Garland, born Frances Ethel Gumm, was a famous actress and singer known for her role in “The Wizard of Oz” and her extensive career in entertainment.

Judy Garland And Merrick Garland Have Distinct Familial Trees, Falsifying The Speculation

Merrick Garland was born in Chicago, Illinois, on November 13, 1952, to his parents, Shirley and Cyril Garland.

His family, Shirley, was involved in community services, while Cyril Garland was in advertising.

The attorney, Merrick, grew up in a Conservative Judaism household with roots deeply connected to spirituality and religious beliefs.

Merrick hitched to Lynn Rosenmann Garland and has two daughters, Jessica and Rebecca Garland, who graduated from Yale University.

On the contrary, Judy Garland was born on June 10, 1922, in Grand Rapids, Minnesota; however, after 4 years, her entire family relocated to Lancaster, California.

She was the youngest daughter of Ethel Marion Gumm and Francis “Frank” Avent.

Her real name was Frances Ethel Gumm, and Judy Garland is only her stage name, which eradicates the entire root of the speculation in the first place.

She was part of a vaudeville family that created vaudeville acts in their theatre and got exposure to acting in her early days.

Thus, she rose to international stardom with her unique and authentic talents.

In addition, her roots belonged to Irish, Scottish, English, and French ancestry, and her parents were followers and regular visitors of the local Episcopal church.

There is also no alignment in their professional careers because Merrick is from a law background while Judy is from an entertainment background.

Despite their distinct career paths and achievements, Merrick and Judy Garland do not share any familial ties, and their connection is solely through their common surname.

Additional Information

  • Judy Garland had a daughter named Lorna Luft, who passed away at a young age when she was only 47 due to a substance overdose.
  • Merrick Garland’s annual salary is between $1,41,000 and $230,000, which leads to a net worth of $20 million.
  • Merrick retired from federal judicial service on March 11, 2021, to accept the appointment as The Attorney General of the United States.

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