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The Trust Julie Theis Soars to Multimillion Net Worth

After appearing in Netflix’s reality show The Trust, a game of greed, Julie Theis is being searched for her earnings.

The show, hosted by veteran journalist and former CNN correspondent Brooke Baldwin, challenges contestants to divide a substantial $250,000 prize equally.


  • Brooke Baldwin, a seasoned journalist and former CNN correspondent, hosts the show, which challenges competitors to equally divide the $250,000 reward.
  • Julie Theis has an estimated net worth of $1million.
  • The TV personality Theis makes an estimated $240 to $361 for every Instagram post.

Julie Theis did become popular, but not for positive reasons, as the show exposed her manipulative and selfish nature.

She is a prominent figure in advertising, having spent over two decades in the creative advertising industry.

Julie has been recognized with numerous awards, including multiple Cannes Lions.

Based On Her Multiple Ventures, Julie Theis’s Net Worth Is Approximately $1 Million

Julie Theis is an American entrepreneur, psychologist, and television personality who was born in Montana on June 6, 1994.

As an influencer, it was a great decision for her to participate in Netflix’s The Trust. It would either spike her popularity or cause her to hit rock bottom.

It turns out she has become more popular than before, boasting over 550K followers on her TikTok account. She usually posts psychological advice on her TikTok.

Julie is known for engaging TikTok content and sharing relationship advice, tips, and insights into attachment styles and celebrity behaviors.

One of her most popular videos, “How Men Fall in Love,” went viral, garnering over four million views.

This was possible because she completed her education with a Master’s degree in psychology.

In 2017, Julie gained public recognition by representing Miss Montana International, contributing to her significant online presence.

Her growing influence led to an invitation to the 2022 premiere of Prime Video’s “Outer Range,” debuting in the entertainment industry.

Additionally, Julie runs her own business, Cognitive Couture, which she promotes on Instagram.

According to Instagram Money Calculator, she earns an estimated $240 to $361 per Instagram post.

This showcases her influential status and financial success. In addition to her television appearances and business, she earns this income through Instagram.

She is also known for her work as the Global Chief Creative Officer (CCO) at BBDO Worldwide, one of the world’s largest advertising agencies.

In her role at BBDO, she leads creative teams across multiple regions.

She compels marketing campaigns to connect with consumers in meaningful ways.

Thus, Julie’s diverse ventures have significantly contributed to her net worth, estimated to be approximately $1 million as of 2024.

Additional Information

  • Jake previously told EW that he and Julie spent romantic weekends together after production wrapped, but the relationship did not last.
  • After only three days in January, the 26-year-old left the All Stars villa, having been reunited with ex-girlfriend Liberty Poole.
  • Julie Theis resides in Los Angeles but was raised in Chicago. Hence, she has a vivid accent.

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