What Happened To Cleopatra Coleman

In Hulu’s Clipped, Cleopatra Coleman Shines As The Vicious Yet Sensitive V. Stiviano

Cleopatra Coleman, who portrays V. Stiviano, steals the limelight with her on-point acting in the series Clipped.

V. Stiviano appears in the first three episodes of the six-part series, which was released on June 4, 2024.


  • Cleopatra Coleman delivers a standout performance as V. Stiviano in the series “Clipped,” which significantly alters the public perception of Stiviano by portraying her in a more empathetic light.
  • The scandal, sparked by Stiviano’s secret recordings of Sterling’s racist comments, led V. Stiviano to be sued by Donald Sterling for disrupting his privacy, which was later taken back.
  • She also faced a lawsuit from Sterling’s wife, resulting in significant financial consequences for Stiviano.

Created by Gina Welch, Clipped records one of the most sensational incidents in NBA history and offers a platform to revisit that incident.

It is an appeal for the people to commence a bigger-picture discussion about racism, capitalism, and who actually procures in American society.

The miniseries tells the story of former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling and sheds light on the details of his downfall during the scandal that erupted in 2014.

The story showcases the well-schemed plan of his mistress, who secretly records him while he is making offensive racial comments about his team players.

TMZ Sports released the voice recording, and the timing of the controversy turned billionaire Donald’s life upside down.

In the recording, Sterling can be heard telling Stiviano not to connect with Black people, and he specifically mentioned the NBA star Magic Johnson‘s name.

The scandal emerged when the team emphasized its victory in the upcoming championship under head coach Doc Rivers.

Thus, the aftermath was obvious: the NBA boycotted him and compelled him to sell the Los Angeles Clippers, where he had invested his blood, sweat, and tears over the years.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoiler!

Clipped (2024)

A drama series based on the ESPN 30 for 30 podcasts “The Sterling Affairs,” chronicling the fallout from L.A Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist remarks and the subsequent impact on the team and its efforts to win a championship under coach Doc Rivers.


Biography Drama Thriller

Post Recording Leak, V. Stiviano Was Sued By Donald Sterling And His Wife

After the recording was leaked, Donald Sterling filed a lawsuit against her for invading his privacy.

It was quite obvious considering the controversy’s outrage on his personal and professional life.

However, he withdrew the lawsuit after some time for a reason that has not yet been disclosed.

Then, in 2015, Donald’s wife, Shelly Sterling, successfully sued her with the blame that she intentionally targeted a wealthy old man eyeing his assets of a billion dollars.

She claimed that Donald excessively spent their money on Stiviano to give her a luxurious life.

He had gifted her a Ferrari, two Bentleys, and a Range Rover and assisted her in buying a $1.8 million duplex.

Thus, as there was no chance of her winning, considering that all of the claims made were true, the judge in the L.A. court ordered Stiviano to return over $2.6 million as gifts.

By the end, her confidence in being Donald’s right-hand arm was shattered into pieces.

Cleopatra Coleman Changed Public Perception About V. Stiviano

In Sterling’s story, V.Stiviano had gained the reputation of a vamp character who wrecked his marriage and professional career.

Before, Stiviano was a briefly known public figure only. She was known for her erratic behavior and was seen as a desperate attention seeker who ruined a billionaire to gain fame.

However, Cleopatra’s portrayal and the emotional play made the audience see Stiviano in a different light.

In the series, she is drawn as a biracial woman who is fighting against her own internalized racism conflicts along with the power and financial hierarchy of L.A.

For this, the writers should be acknowledged as they gave her apt screen time in which her state of mind was examined extensively.

In addition, Coleman is an amazing actress who doesn’t just impart the viewers with caricature but a deep level of sensitive portrayal.

Additional Information

  • V. Stiviano was born Maria Vanessa Perez and later changed her name to V.
  • She had two arrest warrants on her name, both for shoplifting, one at a Ross store in 2002 and another at Old Navy in 2004.
  • In 2010, she met Donald Sterling at a Super Bowl party, and then she got a job at the Clippers after some time.

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