Renate Reinsve Parents

Renate Reinsve Parents Live Private Life In Solbergelva, Norway

Renate Reinsve, an award-winning Norwegian actress, is spotlighted for her upcoming legal thriller miniseries Presumed Innocent. It will be released on Apple TV+ on June 12, 2024.

She started professional acting in 2011 and has amassed over 20 credits throughout her career. Let’s explore her parents and family origins.


  • Renate Reinsve’s parents belong to Norway and live a private life far from Paparazzi.
  • She was expelled from school at 16 and moved to Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Her 80-year-old grandmother watched her highly acclaimed performance in The Worst Person in the World.

Renate Reinsve appeared on the television screen as herself in Joachim Trier’s 2011 Norwegian film Oslo, August 31st.

Later, she earned the Hedda Award for her role in Besok av Gammel Dame in 2014.

Renate considered quitting acting the day before she was offered the role of Julie. She considered carpentry as a backup plan to acting.

She portrayed her remarkable acting skills in The Worst Person in the World, which earned her numerous accolades, including the Amanda Award and Cannes Film Festival Award.

Afterward, she had been busy acting and appeared in Handling the Undead, A Different Man, Another End, and Armand in 2024.

Renate Reinsve Parents Prefer Private Life Far From Paparazzi

Renate Reinsve’s parents lived a low-key lifestyle but always supported their daughter’s career decisions.

36 years old Renate Reinsve was born in Solbergelva, Norway, on November 24, 1987.

Renate shared a photo of her father on Instagram while they were at a concert in Mjondarn. Her father still looks more handsome, even in his 50s.

At 16, she left Norway for Scotland and stayed in a hostel in Edinburgh after being expelled from school. Her parents might have supported her when she ran out of money in Scotland.

Renate’s hostel manager gave her a job in the hostel’s bar as he felt sorry for her.

She felt she should have listened to her parents when she thought about another career besides acting.

The Norwegian actress has successfully maintained a private boundary between her personal and professional life. She hasn’t talked much about her parents with tabloids.

Although far from her hometown, she still shares a close bond with her family.

Her grandmother, who is 80 years old, watched The Worst Person in the World and complimented her acting skills.

Additional Information

  • Renate Reinsve learned acting in Trondelag Teater. Simultaneously, she also studied at Kunsthogskolen in Oslo.
  • She stands 1.78m tall and captivates the audience with her smile and large hazel eyes.
  • There was an announcement in 2023 that she would reunite with Joachim Trier for the family drama film Sentimental Value, and its filming will start in the fall of 2024.

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