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Chase Infiniti’s Mixed Racial Background Aided In Outstanding Character Portrayal In Presumed Innocent

Chase Infiniti is known for her role as Jaden Sabich in the series Presumed Innocent, which premieres on June 12, 2024.

Chase Infiniti’s role in “Presumed Innocent” is startlingly similar to her actual life, adding profound authenticity and originality to her character.


  • Chase Infiniti, born to a white mother and a black father, brilliantly depicts her character’s mixed-race family dynamic in “Presumed Innocent.”
  • Before pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance at Columbia College Chicago, Chase Infiniti had a strong artistic background from high school.
  • Chase Infiniti is likely to be around 25.

The popularity Chase gained through this project helped her land a role in another project, Untitled Paul Thomas Anderson Event Film.

Her character’s journey through the complications of a mixed-racial household is further enriched by her real-life ethnic background.

Chase Infiniti Begun Acting In Theatres During Her High School Days

Chase Infiniti was born to a white mother, Keith Payne, and a black father, Kim Payne.

Although her birthplace has not been disclosed, reports have suggested that she was raised in an enriched cultural background.

Thus, she expertly captures her character’s mixed-race family dynamic in “Presumed Innocent.”

While her birth date is uncertain, Chase appears to be around 25.

Her parents have been close since their marriage in 1996, which influenced Chase’s portrayal of Jaden in the series.

They are avid Christians with a strong academic background. Her father is a graduate of Dillard University and has been influential through his works and contributions.

In “Presumed Innocent,” Jaden is the daughter of Rusty Sabich (Jake Gyllenhaal) and Barbara Sabich (Ruth Negga), which mirrors Chase’s own family arrangement.

Chase Infiniti’s journey from a theatrical student to a rising star in cinematic acting displays her versatility and dedication.

She had already established a solid arts foundation during high school before earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre Performance from Columbia College Chicago.

Her skill set, which was quite wide, included vocal performance, several dance techniques, acting, and K-Pop dancing, and she efficiently demonstrated those skills in local theatrical shows.

This enhanced her roles in local theatrical shows, and her diverse skill set also prepared her for screen acting challenges.

Due to her admirable experience in theatres, she rose to prominence through her first role in Hollywood, where she was quite influential as an actor.

Additional Information

  • Chase Infiniti’s father is the Managing Member of ARHI Bldg & Remodelling.
  • Chase Infiniti has a sister, DolcĂ© Imani, who was raised in a nurturing and values-driven family.

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