Laura Wray Net Worth 2024

Laura Wray’s Estimated Net Worth Is Less Than $1 Million Based On Her Financial Reliance

Laura Wray, the wife of a former Scottish MP, believes a Baby Reindeer stalker ‘wants to hurt her’ after the Netflix drama and fears she is hunting for a home near her own.

Laura is a lawyer, as mentioned in an Aberdeen Live News article. She is professionally associated with UCLA.


  • Laura Wray is widely renowned as the wife of the late politician Jimmy Wray.
  • Laura Wray’s late husband, Jimmy Wray, had a net worth of around $87.2 million.
  • Richard Gadd’s company reported a profit of £836,233 in 2024, up from £178,344 in 2022.

Her expertise includes youth civic engagement, as indicated by her Twitter profile and her UCLA Center for Health Policy Research profile.

Interestingly, Laura Wray is connected to the television series Baby Reindeer, where she seems to be related to a character named Martha.

However, the specifics are unclear, as the information provided does not explicitly state if Laura Wray played Martha or was otherwise involved in the series.

Laura Wray’s Financial Dependence Hints A Net Worth Less Than $1 Million

Laura Wray, widely recognized as the wife of the late politician Jimmy Wray, has recently been in the spotlight for her appearance on “Baby Reindeer.”

During her time on the show, she shared that she felt threatened, which has sparked significant interest online.

People are now curious about her net worth, although news sources have reported no specific figures.

Her late husband, Jimmy Wray, had a substantial net worth of approximately $87.2 million.

Given this, it’s estimated that Laura Wray, who is now 62 years old, might have a net worth of around $51 million despite not having a significant independent income.

In related news, Richard Gadd, the creator of “Baby Reindeer,” has seen considerable financial success.

His company reported a profit of £836,233 in 2024, up from £178,344 in 2022. This highlights the impact of the show’s popularity on Netflix and Gadd’s growing wealth.

Additional Information

  • Baby Reindeer is a black comedic drama thriller about sexual assault and stalking.
  • A Scottish lawyer, Fiona Harvey, announced weeks ago her intention to sue the creators of Netflix’s smash hit Baby Reindeer.
  • James Aloysius Joseph Patrick Gabriel Wray (April 28, 1935–May 25, 2013) was a Scottish politician and Labour Member of Parliament for Glasgow Baillieston and Glasgow Provan.

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