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Lara Silva Starred As Shahar Isaac’s Wife In The Chosen

Shahar Isaac is an Israeli-American actor famous for his role as Simon Peter in the Christian historical drama television series The Chosen, released on December 24, 2017.

His personal life is in the limelight as the actor rose to stardom. Let’s explore his married life and family details.


  • Shahar Isaac is possibly single and focused on his career goals rather than being in a committed relationship.
  • Brazilian actress Lara Silva played the role of Shahar Isaac’s wife, Eden, in the historical drama The Chosen.
  • The series reflects the emotional impact of Eden’s miscarriage and how followers of Jesus struggle with such loss.

31 years old Shahar Isaac was born in February 1992 in Israel. His parents shared the same cultural and religious background, deeply rooted in his Jewish heritage.

He pursued his education in the US, earning a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the Rutgers School of Acting. David Esbjornson and Barbara Marchant taught him acting.

Later, his journey began on the theatrical stage during his school years. He participated in various productions, including works by renowned playwright Shakespeare.

His on-screen presence started with the role of Tariq Al Juhani in the series Person of Interest.

However, the turning point came when he secured the role of Simon Peter, a devoted disciple of Jesus Christ in The Chosen.

His portrayal of Simon Peter garnered significant attention, making him a notable figure in the entertainment industry.

Shahar Isaac Is Possibly Single-Focused Towards His Career Goals

Brazilian actress Lara Silva, who starred as Eden, played the role of Shahar Isaac’s wife in the historical drama The Chosen.

She is a compassionate woman whose support contributes to Simon’s journey as a disciple.

Eden faced a heartbreaking experience of miscarriage while Simon was away on a mission with Jesus in the third season.

Their relationship evolves throughout the series, reflecting their joys and struggles. 

Actress Lara Silva had to dig deep to portray this painful event that affects millions of women worldwide.

The Chosen sheds light on the emotional impact of miscarriage and how followers of Jesus grapple with such loss.

However, reflecting on the personal life of Shahar Isaac, he is possibly single.

There isn’t any solid proof that leads to his married life and children. As of 2024, he is career-oriented rather than being in a committed relationship.

Nontheless, Shahar Isaac will undoubtedly be a wonderful husband in the future, considering the close bond between Peter and Eden in The Chosen.

Additional Information

  • Shahar Isaac is a social media personality. He has 344K followers on Instagram and often shares his photography.
  • He has published a photobook, The Road Begins in Capernaum, which documents his journey through Seasons 1 & 2 of The Chosen.
  • The Israeli-American actor has amassed an estimated net worth of $600K. However, he hasn’t disclosed his precise earnings to the tabloids.

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