Jerron Herman Affair

Jerron Herman Has A Dark Affair With Professor In Tell Them You Love Me

Jerron Herman is an American choreographer and performance artist who portrays Derrick in the movie Tell Them You Love Me.

This Sky Original documentary with the star casts Kate Dulcich and Brenda McCullough is available on Apple TV


  • The documentary investigates a complex case between a prestigious university professor and Derrick Johnson, a nonverbal man with cerebral palsy.
  • Anna taught Derrick to communicate with others by using a keyboard.
  • Experts argued that Derrick, with the mental capacity of a young child, couldn’t give informed consent.

Tell Them You Love Me, directed by Nick August-Perna, is a film produced by Louis Theroux under his Mindhouse label.

The movie is a very horrific story that tells of a scandalous affair between a white professor, Anna Stubblefield, and a nonverbal Black student named Derrick Johnson with cerebral palsy.

The film addresses various problems, including consent, gender, disability, and racial discrimination via footages and interviews.

Jerron Herman Was A Poor Victim Of Professor Anna Stubblefield’s Misconduct

The documentary “Tell Them You Love Me” is the disturbing tale of Derrick Johnson, a non-verbal, disabled Black man, and his white carer, Anna Stubblefield.

Derrick, diagnosed with severe disabilities, was under the care of Stubblefield, who claimed to have unlocked his potential using her methods.

For example, Anna claimed she helped Derrick communicate by teaching him to use a keyboard, unlocking his mind from his body.

She later entered into a sexual relationship with him, which she believed was consensual.

However, experts argue that Derrick, with the mental capacity of a young child, could not give informed consent.

The documentary reveals the biases and prejudices in society, especially regarding race and disability.

The film highlights the darker side of facilitated communication and white privilege, showing how Stubblefield’s intentions were often seen as well-meaning despite the evidence of abuse.

For instance, Derrick’s brother, Dr. John Johnson, found bruises, grazes, and permanent scars on his brother’s body during a diaper change, all from rough treatment on a mat in Stubblefield’s office.

Still, Stubblefield maintained her belief in a loving, consensual relationship despite evidence suggesting otherwise.

The documentary raises critical questions about consent, justice, and societal perceptions, making it a challenging yet essential watch.

Additional Information

  • Jerron Herman has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
  • Derrick’s brother, John, hired Anna Stubblefield as a caretaker after watching her lecture on non-verbal disabilities.

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