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Ryan Sypek Has A Daughter, Lucie, From His Wife, Kate Sypek

Ryan Sypek is an American real estate broker and actor famous for appearing in Wildfire, Greek, Christmas Cupid, Happy Endings, and Hollywood Heights.

He married Kate Sypek, and they have been together since 2017. Let’s explore their married life and children.


  • Ryan and Kate Sypek married on September 23, 2017, and have a beautiful daughter, Lucie, born in June 2021.
  • Kate Sypek learned to paint from her mother and grandmother and started painting in 2017.
  • She deeply loved oil paints and illustrations, and antique art greatly influenced her.

41 year old Ryan Sypek was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on August 6, 1982.

He developed an interest in acting in sixth grade and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in acting from Boston University’s College of Fine Arts. 

Ryan started his acting career in theatre, appearing as Jack Hunter in The Rose Tattoo at the Huntington Theatre in Boston in 2002.

Later, he debuted on television in 2005 as Junior Davis in the ABC Family Original TV Series Wildfire.

Likewise, he played Sgt. Mills Evans, starring opposite Jessica Simpson in the comedy film Private Valentine: Blonde & Dangerous.

Ryan Sypek’s Wife, Kate Sypek, Is An Artist

American actor Ryan Sypek is happily married to Kate Winston. They married on September 23, 2017.

Kate is an artist from California who started painting professionally in 2017. She learned to paint from her artist grandmother and art-teacher mom.

Kate always believed she was meant to be an artist but took a detour in her life as an interior designer and graphic designer.

She started painting with watercolors but found a deep love for oil paints and illustration as time passed. Antique arts greatly influenced her.

She often shares her drawings and paintings on social media, including Facebook and Instagram.

Ryan And Kate Sypek Have A Little Daughter

Ryan and Kate Sypek have been living together for more than six years, and they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Lucie, who was born in June 2021.

The married couple often share their small family picture on social media. Lucie is 3 years old as of 2024.

Ryan has captioned mentioning Kate in one of his Instagram posts on Mother’s Day,

Lucie and I are so lucky to have you, we love you.

Similarly, on Ryan’s birthday, Kate captioned,

Happy birthday to my favorite person. You’re the best partner, daddy, friend, and personal chef. Love you so much that I forgive you for getting tanner and younger each year πŸ’•

The married couple have registered their marriage on Zola, where their friends and family can give them various gifts depending on their choices.

They have a small but loving family and reside in Los Angeles. With their two rescue dogs, they enjoy all that California has to offer.

Additional Information

  • Kate Sypek is happiest with friends and family, swimming in the ocean, sitting on the front porch drinking wine, and eating Italian food. She loves perusing FB Marketplace for vintage furniture finds when not in the studio.
  • She doesn’t like her pictures taken, speaking in public, and confronting spiders.
  • Her paintings typically range between $200-$1,000, depending on desired content and medium.
  • Ryan Sypek owns a historic home in Angelino Heights and has amassed an estimated net worth of $36 million.

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