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Mark Galvin Was In His Early 20s When He Knew About His Six Schizophrenic Brothers

Mark Galvin appeared in four episodes of the docuseries called Six Schizophrenic Brothers, released on 10th June 2024.

The Galvin siblings are the central subject of Robert Kokler’s nonfiction book Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family.


  • Mark Galvin, one of the four brothers of the Galvin household, did not receive a diagnosis of Schizophrenia.
  • The family enthusiastically celebrated Mark’s birthday on August 20, 2020.
  • The book “Hidden Valley Road,” empathizes with families grappling with inheritable mental illnesses, aiming to reduce the social stigma.

Mark Galvin’s Birthday Falls On August

Having gone through the tragedy of his closest siblings suffering from Schizophrenia, Mark Galvin and his other three healthy siblings were the pillars of support for him.

Moreover, in an interview, Mark shared how devastated he was when he heard the news.

He was in his early twenties then, too young to experience the trauma.

Mark said,

I feel like I lost the three brothers that were closest to me in age. They were my friends.

Although he was heartbroken, he gathered himself and took on the responsibility of the entire family.

In one of the Facebook posts uploaded on the Hidden Valley Road page, Mark’s birthday was celebrated with utmost enthusiasm on August 20, 2020.

In the post, Mark is tagged as a gentle and kind soul, just like his father.

He inherited good attributes from his parents, including his looks.

When his sibling Peter was going through hard times, he was there for him, backing him up so that he wouldn’t be left alone, all scared.

This showcases his pure and kind nature, which is rare today.

Although his exact date of birth has not been revealed, he appears to be in his mid-forties.

Furthermore, in the book Hidden Valley Road, he expects people to empathize with families with inheritable mental disorders and hopes the social stigma for the mentally disabled is diminished.

Mark Galvin Is A Father Of Two Children

Reports have shown that Mark Galvin works with Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare. However, his position and role are yet to be disclosed.

The viewers and readers are eager to know his whereabouts, but no specific details are available as of 2024.

Thus, Calvin has done a great job in keeping his life private, away from the media radar.

All we know is that he has two children, Luke and Emily, who are twins.

The twins were born in 2003 and will turn 21 years old this 2024.

Additional Information

  • Don and Mimi Galvin’s eldest son, Donald Jr., began to exhibit symptoms of schizophrenia, becoming the first of six of their twelve children to suffer the disorder.
  • Robert Kolker wrote about the Galvin family’s journey with schizophrenia in his book Hidden Valley Road: Inside the Mind of an American Family.
  • Galvin’s second-oldest brother, James, had a profession and a family, but he suffered from delusions and assaulted his wife.

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