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Morgan Metzer’s Motherhood Bloomed Amidst Violent Tendencies Of Her Husband

Morgan Metzer’s story has received consolation and sympathy worldwide and is now being documented in a Lifetime movie.

Gaslit By My Husband: The Morgan Metzer Story, directed by Lee Gabiana, will be released on June 9, 2024. It will provide a detailed picture of how Morgan was manipulated by her husband, Rodney Metzer.


  • Morgan Metzer, the violence victim, had the support of her parents throughout her journey, proven by the contribution they gave despite marrying young.
  • Although she was born in Georgia, U.S., her surname suggests that she comes from a German heritage that strictly follows Jewish.
  • Metzer’s first child passed away soon after birth, and she has twin daughters. She protected them from violence as their most reliable guardian.

Morgan Metzer started dating Rodney Metzer at a young age and thought he was the oneā€”her Prince Charming on a White horse.

They met when Morgan was only 15, and after dating for 6 years, they tied the knot at the tender age of 21.

Their marriage lasted for a decade, and then Morgan decided to part ways because she was tired of enduring Rodney’s violence.

After a month of their divorce, Morgan was attacked in her house by an anonymous masked man: she was terrified with a gun, mercilessly beaten, and sexually assaulted.

Soon after the intruder left, her ex-husband suspiciously entered the house and pretended to be her rescuer by calling 911 immediately.

Later, it was revealed that the intruder was none other than her ex-husband in disguise.

On top of that, he had been gaslighting her all the time they were together to have control over their relationship.

After the divorce, Rodney pleaded with Morgan to get back together multiple times and even faked a cancer diagnosis to win her sympathy back.

Morgan Metzer Possibly Descends From German And Jewish Heritage

Morgan Metzer was born to her parents in 1990 in Canton, a city in Georgia State, U.S.

It is true that her parents remained anonymous despite the shockwaves created online when the news about Morgan’s attack was out.

However, their significant contribution to her life is proved through their support for her marriage.

Despite falling in love at a young age, her parents proceeded with her decision to get married in 2011.

Morgan Metzer and Rodney Metzer on their wedding day. (Source: Fox5 Atlanta)

They might have also bolstered her while she was going through domestic violence from her husband and had the urge to protect her kids.

As she has not shared much about her ancestral aspect, despite being born in America, her surname indicates German descent.

According to the sources, the last name Metzer is the habitational name for someone from Metz, given to the people who follow the occupation of a bricklayer.

The name is derived from the Middle Dutch name metsere. Thus, it hints that her ancestors might have come from a German background and followed the Jewish religion.

Morgan Metzer Served As A Shield For Her Twin Daughters

Morgan and Rodney lost their first child shortly after birth.

After a year, Morgan got pregnant with twins, and they now have two daughters, one of whom is Amelia.

The details of her 9 year old daughters have been kept private, contributing to identity protection so they won’t suffer backlash or pretentious sympathy from the cruel media.

Morgan Metzer was brutally beaten by the invader. (Source; Fox4 Atlanta)

Morgan played the role of the protector for nine long years to ensure her daughters didn’t have to experience the trauma that she went through.

After surviving his violence, she finally managed to escape the vicious claws of her husband as she officially filed for divorce in 2021 and took custody of her daughters.

Additional Information

  • Morgan Metzer met her ex-husband, Rodney Metzer, in high school. They were high school sweethearts who became a married couple.
  • For the disguised attack Morgan’s husband schemed against her, he is sentenced to 70 years of imprisonment.
  • Before the attack, Morgan and Rodney Metzer were in a friendly relationship after their divorce for the sake of their daughters.

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