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Vicki Manners Was A Breadwinner When John York Was Struggling Actor

John J. York is an American actor best known for his role as Malcolm “Mac” Scorpio on the daytime soap opera General Hospital. He was diagnosed with cancer in December 2022.

His wife felt good when doctors discovered this severe illness in the early stages and started the treatment. Let’s explore his wife, Vicki Manners’s Wikipedia, and age.


  • Vicki Manners and John J. York married on August 15, 1986, and they have a daughter, Schyler.
  • They met in 1983, and John was attracted to her and still remembers what she wore.
  • Their enduring love story spans over 35 years, and John finds her more beautiful daily.

John J. York is the youngest of six children. He was born in Chicago, Illinois, on December 10, 1958, and his parents named him John Joseph Robert York.

He was brought up as catholic and attended Brother Rice Christian Brothers High School. 

John began his acting career on television in 1983, with minor roles in Listen to Your Heart, Dynasty, and Hotel.

His longest-running role, following General Hospital, was that of Eric Cord, a college student, on the Fox network television series Werewolf.

He has played the role of Mac in the General Hospital for over three decades since 1991.

Vicki Manners And John J. York Met Back In 1983

Vicki Manners is the wife of American actor John J. York, and they have been married since 1986. Their enduring love story spans over 35 years.

The married couple has a daughter, Schyler. According to John, she gets more beautiful daily.

Vicki was in the production of Chattanooga Choo Choo when she met John in 1983. John confirmed that he was attracted to her and remembered what she wore. He expressed,

She had one of those yellow angora sweaters and a white skirt that went below her knees. She had white stockings and white pumps with a big old curly, fluffy hairdo. I’d landed in California in January, and that audition was months later, in September, so I just talked to her about being out here. There was just something about her that was pretty special.

Vicki is the greatest supporter of her husband and was a breadwinner when John was a struggling actor.

However, she has maintained a relatively low profile regarding her life, including her age. She seems to be in her late 50s looking through her social media pictures.

It’s common for individuals in the public eye to respect their loved one’s privacy, and Vicki appears to be no exception to this practice.

The married couple decided to wait to share John’s cancer news with their daughter Skyler until after moving to Tennessee.

However, after two restless nights, John changed his mind and had his wife call Schyler. They are now grandparents to her daughter’s three children.

Additional Information

  • John J. York found a bone marrow donor after months of waiting in November 2023, which left him overwhelmed with emotions.
  • Additionally, he received support from his daughter Schyler. In fact, his grandson and son-in-law even shaved their heads in solidarity with his treatment.
  • When explaining his chemotherapy treatments, John made it sound like the experience of someone waiting to get a table at a restaurant.

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